Sunday, January 23, 2011

sleep it off

Don't let the world in, let the bed stay warm and the cat sleep on. Don't venture out into the cool blue light, with the sun awake and in everyone's business. Don't check your messages or answer the phone. No good can come from any of it. Sleep in for another couple of dreams. Sleep in and see if waking makes anything better.

Work only gets worse, and the weekend doesn't fare much better. The dry bitter air scratches every breath. A tattered flag, a dismal rattle. Living is always an uphill fight. The sad cacophony of beasts and birds, threat and invention. The heart swells and sputters. Another collection of aches and misgivings. Another set of unsettling bets.

The clock clunks and hums, leaking mechanical sounds into the post-electronic age. Times deserts us before the battle even starts, flying away before we find any fun. The dreams are gone and the moment is heavy. The day burns out and the night doesn't seem interested at all. Tomorrow lingers just around the corner, here in this hour where all dreams have gone.

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