Sunday, February 20, 2011

in the blood

Just like that the weather changes, the sun swept away, curling tails of smoke lost is this sudden gray. I read a little while longer, my coffee going cold, ash flecking my every touch. It is funny to feel that feeling as it leaves, fingers going cold and numb. Smoke leaving lips, steam whipped into the gathering wind.

You have that astonished gravity, arriving nearly in the flesh in my mind, every sense craving your weight in my world. It is the taste of teeth about to savor, the feel of a tongue discovered living between that legion of daily words. I say it because it is how you always steal my breath, every exclamation finally finding aim. So close to be still out of reach, almost to near to touch.

I know it is only words, somehow left against these blank expanses. I know it is only that way of wishing away all the gaps and wounds. But that kiss survives, despite all cold artifice. That kiss remains, a familiar turn learned in infancy. It is something in the blood, burned there by dearth and luxury. A fire where only you are found.

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