Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I never really knew what to do with a day so bright or a sky so blue. I never really figured out just where to look so I wouldn't have to shield my eyes from the sun. I cast my shadows, I take my clues. I wear my sun glasses and keep my eyes on the road. I keep my head down and try hard to hold my tongue. Nobody's fooled.

Coffee from the drive-through, a quick visit to the bank, I pause for a moment and fill up my tank. Without the commute I spend an awful lot less on gasoline. Without working I spend an awful lot less time on the road. I lean against my car as I fill up on gas, watching the traffic fill the futile intersection. I watch as people go about their lives. Without a routine I am always in this sort of trouble.

I could go back to bed and sleep until dusk. I could roll over and sleep until tomorrow became today again. I feel the long slow slide flowing beneath my feet. I scuff my heels on the vast decline. The sky so bold and blue, the earth all green and teeming with appetite. Another day lost to me in the details. Another day peeled from the calendar and tossed aside.

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