Thursday, July 21, 2011

ran through

We have not spoken for so long you seem now only light and shadow. You pause and the sky tints the stillness in your hair. You sway and the sunlight goes trailing from your hips. These skimmed leavings of remembered hungers, the colors caught upon the greedy horizon. All skin and want and that last hint of wonder. All the words awaiting your return.

You are swaddled in peals of sweat and heat, the wretched press of summer. The wanton liberality of the sun. Those burning blues that engulf the dawn. Those velvet wings of thickened black that swarm each night. Beads and jewels, perspiration and cool water painting the huddle of bare flesh. Stars and diamonds, your eyes caught electric in the changing light.

I wait here as the day burns out. I watch here as the sun falls down. The streets fill with warmed over air, so like breath released unbidden. So like the hush of something very nearly said. The memory unwound, the clocks all gone uncounted. I see you as a series of pictures marking the distance. All the signs caught in the tapestry, all the prayers ran through.

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