Tuesday, October 4, 2011


They tell me I will burn forever. I ask them a question, they tell me no, not like a star. Their reasons are ambiguous, their physics preposterous. They tell me they have lives everlasting. They say they share in the kingdom and the glory. I say good luck with that. Happy endings are hard to come by, but endings are all but guaranteed.

I crossed the bridge long after the sun was gone. The murky dusk was spattered with droplets, the horizon streaked with rain. Traffic sped by beneath my feet as the dogs snuffled and panted. Headlights to taillights, bound to rivers of asphalt and ribbons of light. From fit to start, from soup to nuts, everyone heading somewhere hungry for home.

If I had hopes, I could not name them. If I had prayers, they would not rise. The sky was all but empty, heaven only held by clouds and crows. We do float upon lakes of fire. One day for certain the world will burn. I scuff the dust and scan the wide horizon. I sit and smoke and curse. The rain grows steady, the hour grows late. I earn damnation daily in a room so cool and dry.

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