Monday, December 19, 2011

good night

The night will find you. Whether you cling to your bright rooms or stick with those wandering stars. Whether you sleep warm and peaceful or toss and turn in the teeth of winter. The night will find you out. Dream on, or wait and worry. The night will know it all.

The dog days are gone, the chill that once perched upon the dusk now burrowed into bone and earth. The sun brushes gently against your shoulders then is lost in the depths of the gray. Children huddle on the corners, yelping and squealing out their location for any interested ear. The light gathers where it is lost, called by the weight and push of shadows.

The end closes in, without fanfare or pyrotechnics. It cries out from these intimate failings, groans and declamations rising from limb and joint. The visceral dimming of every sense while the brain beats alarm and tattoos dances of doom and attack. All of the evidence awaits while the heart turns the whole of the world into a series of crime scenes. The night falls on plan and happenstance. Ready or not, the night is here.

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