Monday, May 21, 2012


Ring the bell and set the markers. Sing so sadly in the twilight. All these songs of darkened ashes. All these songs of dwindling heat. Your voice so soft, and yet it carries. The hour so late and the day so old.

I pry the bones out of their puzzles. I stretch the breath out of every ache. Eyes like oceans now like embers. Thoughts like birds conspiring in the trees. I stand quite still, and the moments shift and fall. The ghost that has gone just the press of the plummet, the stress of a notion broken by the world. The light lingers still, though all the sights are out.

The mind is in a turmoil while the matter is in a rut. The burdens of all the beasts we bear. I wander the house, checking every light and lock. A glass of cold water, a soothing moment in the kitchen glow. The creak of floor and the rattle of plumbing. The wind rises up and walks straight through the structure. A creature in my habits, a cage in every hall I haunt.

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