Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Long ago I was loosed on this world, and still I wait and wander. The words skitter and sulk, caught in that just so light. Everything leaning hard into sun or shadow. Everything plain and simple with so much waiting in the wings. Everything slain and tasted with so much gone for good. I lose track of the time, I lose my place. I seem to always be in the middle of starting over. Hard to keep track of the trailing tongues and soap-box spellbinding when no one is listening.

Still the world goes about its business, the sky flowing overhead, the earth spinning underfoot. My foot prints trail beneath, my foot prints lost below. The days are strung together more or less in order. The calendar hanging just in case. All these clocks and numbers such pitiless harbors, every tale told to the tune of alibi. Laws invented to excuse investigations. Crimes made up on the spot to serve as crowd control.

The years peel away and still I'm talking. I miss the point and won't shut up. Filthy rags and bitter bones scattered in the circle. Worn out jokes and broken bottles littering my wake. Was I ever close to right? Was I never in the mix? I cannot count my blessings, cannot begin the know how much I do not know. The day burns down, and I am covered in dust and ashes. I keep going on with no-one to tell me no.

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