Wednesday, September 12, 2012

force majeure

I cut the sky into pieces. all wild blues and transient greens and birds speeding by. Think what I might, my eyes keep their own counsel. The lesson plan of reaching limbs, the steady pull of a bending back, all those flowers I will never know well enough to name. Forget the reasoned portions, forget the reckoned reply. The sunlight weighs upon your shoulders, the press of petals mingled with the bible verse. I never see what I want to see, though I spend a fortune looking. Eyes wide open, the wasted day always looking up.

The boat goes out to sea, beautiful and pea green. The owl and the pussycat enraptured by the moon on the water. The owl and the pussycat almost certainly gone too far, the rocking waves, the bottomless fall. Head on out to see the lights, spilling stories from your lips. Tell yourself all the endings, reasons floating on your breath. Once it is said, there is no undone. Once it is witnessed, it doesn’t go away. Look at my finger, look at the moon, pointing does not make it so. Write your name wherever you want, it will not make it yours.

You deny the fire and the riot, I sink until I am out my depths. We each have our work cut out. The air thick with  scent of your kisses. The sky flooded by the color of your eyes. Why these claims of blossoms and honey? Why the burden of the simile when the truth is so much more?  Loose your bricks and epitaphs. As the facts take root you let your tongue fly. As we swear our oaths the sea grows dark and fierce. All those pieces do not mean a puzzle. All that cost does not assure a prize. You can always find my mark with the proper focus. Every fall remembered for the impact. Every flag wears the same face in the dark.

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