Sunday, October 28, 2012

storm bringer

We look to the sky to find our future, we look to our feet and see the ruins. Missteps always steps just the same, the open door and the darkened stair well. I speak aloud just to set the record. I speak aloud just to settle the bet. The poem undone meant for the bowl on your dresser, the rain unspooled in the abyssal mirrors of your eyes. I crack my knuckles and the clock unhooks, the earth unfolds its faceless plan. I speak to your bones when I speak of the song. The rain the only gift the heavens will admit. I lean towards your dense confession, the breathless kiss, the ache inferred from such a distant sigh. The world weeps and trembles, reaching for your skirts.

All night my breath draws a bow across unseen strings, all that note saws on. The melody pulls its resonance from the certain sky. I taste you in the air around, a whisper almost manifest. Awake I reach for the bidden dream, asleep the dream eludes. My spine creaks and pops, daylight only another symptom. I see your face in the long dull empty, my blood just sings and sings. The earth shifts and rumbles, the ocean stalks each island and every coast. The season tugs at every seam, the fabric so lovely and worn. Daylight and my bed is still and unsettled. Daylight spills on your shoulders, bare and touched by light.

The world still works how it wants to. Life still is all break and beat. I spit out the sweet with the bitter, swallow the fire with the feast. The poem leaves my lips in little kisses. The window stays wide open all year. I blur the boundaries and wreck the clock keeping count. My fingers thread the words as if for each brush stroke. My fingers press the letters as if to touch your skin. Nobody is getting any better, no-one is getting fooled. There is no story, only detail. There is no seduction, only eyes and flesh. Press the petals between the pages,  fold this letter beneath your dreams. These are only idle appetites. The magic you inhabit in these darker stretches of earthly desire. The purchase you earn simply placing your feet upon the wreckage, and quietly walking away.

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