Tuesday, February 5, 2013

a solitary brilliant spark

It is dark in the way dark is when it finds you, with tears and isolation hitting every beat. It is dark in the way you are lost when the lights go off and no-one will answer. It is dark in the way the night always falls hard against your stature, hard into your arms. The moon can't find us and the house wandered off awhile ago. The road is out there somewhere now that every shadow sticks.

The night won't love you because you knew it first. The night won't love you because you saw the hammer fall. You feel the dusk weigh down the springs, you feel her kiss move like a fib to the corner, just standing there with all it's down. Doors slam and wheels spin, gravel pocking against the windshield, love wheezing in some ditch. Steam huddles in the corner, steam steps stiffly out of the dark. It is heat you long to know.

You arrive as thoughts and whispers, as coiled smoke and nested shadows, the slow oil of your throat somehow always singing. You spread your self upon the cool floor in smoldering layers, your body all the sudden best told aloud its very direction. The spell cast by your wishes. your leanings always meant to precipitate this fall in fire. You arrive as choices, a friend to the stranger you look for in this dark and hush. You are ignition, the inferno born of a solitary brilliant spark.

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