Tuesday, May 21, 2013

the secrets of the sea

The leaf is caught on the tide of the sky, dashed against a sea of green treetops, lost amid these streets and fields. I count the hours, I count the miles, the dull report of the mystery you seem to cherish most. The light that clings, the light that clashes, the light that rises from somewhere within. Your eyes aglow with that hidden fire, burning away my reasons and my will. The secrets you keep so you know how this all ends.

The years steal by with swift abandon. The days they linger like stones beneath a stream. Bright and dull, lusterous or sodden, the weigh beneath this consciousness. Reasons turn out to be excuses, beliefs turn into alibis. Words wind up next to useless when they can only carry you to someone's door. No amount of knocking can guaranty they will admittance. No amount of talking can tell another so.

The wanderer learns to read the weather. The mendicant learns to see through hearts. The apostate flits from branch to branch, each perch alerting all to the revelation of its latest truth. You learn too young to hide the things that everyone can see, your secrets a story you hide to fool yourself. The tide is wild, the tide is gentle. The waves may lift you up and bear you safely, the wave may break you upon the ruthless rocks. You love with all the abandon of fire, taking it with you with every touch. I love as one who knows the many ways a heart will shatter, knowing so few ways to make it mend.

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