Wednesday, October 16, 2013

other words

At once again you are away, and I sink like any fool sun. The stars all scatter to find their constellations. The silent sky scuffs and gutters, all the fires out of eyes while my will idles like always. I miss you as my mood dissolves into blues and bitters. I miss you like the moon misses the restless sea. The old empty settles into this dull husk, my heart only beating for you.

There is an unsettled soul in every love letter. A plea or a promise or an open book. The oaths and troths eternal. The riddled kisses and the hungry spaces between the lines. The urgency to persuade seethes through every line, the need for the intended to move toward each intention burning in each word. I love you more than words and letters. Only you sustain my longing, you streak my skies and sustain my fire. You are the promise that all love letters long to be.

Midnight falls away like a dream, all the lights are out. This lonely skin feels the slow dissolve into want and whisper. Empty hands wandering across glass and plastic, the world without you just strangers and things. Far from here I hope you are sleeping, wrapped in every warmth and comfort you require. Outside is all dogs and traffic. I miss you like this dry earth misses rainfall. I miss you as this drought turns it all to dust. This empty a thing borne by bone and blood, this heartbeat the rhythm of my wanting you.

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