Tuesday, January 15, 2013

the mystery of the human heart (side B)

Find the blue cup of coffee
still steaming on the table,
find the light fixture
clotted with dead insects,
find a tear in the map of the moon--
the human heart remains
a well known mystery.
It says so in books; I could show you.

The first time I saw you
I was watching a bird through the window.
You scared that bird,
though probably not on purpose--
I saw you and thought
“She isn’t all that scary.”
No one knows anyone
here on the island of strangers.

I would miss kissing you more
if you would take that the cigarette out of your mouth,
I would stop biting so much
if you would unlock these handcuffs.
Together we were bound to lose our way,
the mystery made by starting with the end,
then working backwards, our story
so familiar you think you already read it.

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