Friday, January 11, 2013


Science is persuasive
we leave evidence everywhere
flakes and follicles,
clouds of dust and mites and
pheromones, our vast
palette sprawled out,
comet’s tail sparkling,
a plume of stink and grease and hair.
This moveable feast,
a minstrel show,
a slide smeared with something
so good you just have to
view it up close.
Down here, from these fumes and
spoors so bountiful
we are truthfully each a plurality,
teeming pungent brew
slick with bile and bacter
that outweigh us
by the tenfold, we wonder
that god scarcely listens,
the voice of our drizzlings
hissing vapor trails
louder than the tender bones
left our exquisite souls
might sing once
all the clever reckoning
leaves this self
a sailboat adrift upon
a black and thankless sea.

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