Wednesday, April 17, 2013

when I come

You will know me by the caress of my shadow, you will find me stitching up your tattered dreams.It helps that it is always love. It helps that it hurts your heart this way. All your devils worked into dreams with a kiss and a clasp. Your fingers entangle the cause of your hopes and so the dance is at last a-whirl upon the floor. You will know me when the wind reminds you of my whispers and my wants.

I hold onto the light of the candle left burning, the flicker and the drip of wax. The cat stretches along the ley lines, the stilted dance of wind and flame. The breath amid the uncoiled essence. The warmth of so much waiting flesh. The window turns its back to the open night.

There is a clarity in this dense tension. There is a blooming in every cell and vein. The hush of skin so close against yours. The story of my touch told in the strain of breathless flesh. You gasp my breath and speak my name. Your room so tight and telling, my kiss so near and real. You will know me by the press of all these weathered constellations. You will know me when I come.

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